A Leading App on the MaidSafe SAFE Network

Encryption for the Masses

Safe Network Filesystem

Zero Vulnerability

Files stored on SAFE-FS enjoy network-wide encryption & sharding across timezones.

Encryption Keys

SAFE-FS data can only be located & decrypted with the password keys of the original owner.

Easy to Use

A friendly & easy to use interface is at the core of SAFE-FS, allowing encryption for the masses.

Open-Source Extensions

As an open-source movement, SAFE-FS can be extended by developers in any direction.

SafeCoin Contracts

Autonomous SafeCoin fuel contracts reward SAFE-FS coin holders & sustain the platform.

Public Search

SAFE-FS is blazing the trail in indexing & search of public files on the SAFE Network.

Long Standing Community Developers

CEO Will "WhiteOutMashups" Gallo has been an active community developer for the SAFE Network for 3+ years, and has produced countless SAFE apps for the community.


Raja has been with SAFE-FS for 4+ years, since the Proof-of-Concept work done in Django. He has trained the newer backend developers, including Ronald, Vijay & Nayeem.


As an original startup partner of Will, Zaw Htet has assisted in the original backend design of SAFE-FS, and more recently with staffing. He is based in Los Angeles.


SAFE-FS has been expanding aggresively into new markets, as MaidSafe gets closer to its network launch, and news about our new offices throughout Asia can be found below.

Software Releases since 2014

SAFE-FS has created MaidSafe Apps for over 4 years

Read the history of SAFE-FS and WhiteOutMashups in the MaidSafe Community dating back to 2013.

SAFE-FS Coin Overview

Purchaseable Coins

SafeCoin Fuel Contracts

Decentralized Platform Ownership

  • SafeCoin Contracts

    Owning SAFE-FS Coins (SFSC) allows its owners to take part in the autonomous PtP / Builders SafeCoin dispersals on the SAFE Network

  • Autonomous Payment

    System is automatic and permanent, as executed by the smart contract / algorithms running autonomously on SAFE

  • Buy SFSC Online

    Purchase SFSC with BTC or other pairs online to join our platform and secure your part in the decentralized ownership & decision-making


Voting Power

  • Control Over Your Investment

    Have a say in the project's future as a holder of SFSC. Take part in the future growth

  • Vote on SAFE-FS Decisions

    Use your SFTC to vote in important SAFE-FS issues, as a member of the platform

  • Decentralized Governance Model

    Ensures success and removes central points of failure as desicions happen openly


Voting Power


Invest in the Future of Data

More Exchanges Soon!
SAFE-FS is currently pursuing many large exchanges for listing, and should reveal these updates within weeks

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